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At Space Plus we are committed to delivering spaces that deliver in terms of flow and building performance as well as looking great.  Most people only get the chance to extend their home once so it is crucial that whatever is added is designed correctly.  

When thinking about extending your home you must first consider three important questions: 

1) Function: What extra space do i need & how do i want it to flow? 

it can be usefull to think interms of the spaces that you currently have as a basis for evaluating the space that you think you may need.  In our experience when an existing space is redesigned correctly, often the amount of additional space required is much less than what was originally envisaged. 

2) Form: What do i want my new extended space to look like? what style of buildings & features do i like? 

For example some people prefer a more conventional styled building, some want to match the existing house style while more prefer a contemporary styled extension.  It is also good to consider what features that you want to incorporate. (i.e contemporary / traditional, window seats, large sliding doors etc. )

3) constraints: what site constraints exist? What is the project budget?  


The site constraints could be in the form of angled garden boundaries, existing structural walls or chimney positions

 or flow, aesthetic qualities and constraints 





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